Sarbanes Oxley

Utilizing our partners, individually and / or together, Dakota Analytics can provide end-to-end Sarbanes-Oxley compliance solution capable of addressing the relevant sections of the Sarbanes act.

The solutions are capable of providing business process management, document management (Reports), and analytic functionality in an integrated suite. These solutions increase the visibility and transparency of financial auditing across an enterprise. Executives are now able to obtain real-time, actionable business insight about key financial processes and activities.

According to the recent Meta Group Sarbanes-Oxley and Regulatory Compliance Issues for IT Organizations report, "A global and consolidated approach to corporate governance will yield consistency, savings, and additional leverage over disconnected/disparate approaches. Although each compliance mandate has different requirements and elements and not all are equally applicable across all organizations, a need still exists to coordinate and leverage efforts wherever possible on a global basis."

As organizations struggle to meet the corporate governance requirements of Sarbanes-Oxley, they are realizing that compliance is more than just a documentation exercise; it is a continuous, dynamic business process that requires extensible technology to automate, monitor, and optimize reporting, review, documentation and alert processes.

With our partners we can provide a compliance process management suite, suited to the need of your organization. Through this suite your organization will be able to gain a competitive advantage by establishing a flexible framework for continuous compliance, avoid the high cost of manual compliance processes, and benefit from active enterprise risk management.

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