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At Dakota Analytics, we are in the business of offering solutions – of providing answers to our client’s most persistent problems. 

We provision our clients with the tools they need to leverage their data for efficient and effective analysis, making use of existing systems and business processes as much as possible.  In this way, we don’t just provide reports; we provide a solution that will empower users across the entire company. Our success in developing and implementing these solutions stems from our overall approach to Enterprise Performance Management.

Since 2000, we have worked with our clients to help identify areas of concern across their business. Problems around budgeting or forecasting. Questions around how to effectively track downtime. Frustrations around the month end process. No matter the problem, our goal is to develop solutions that will help our clients achieve success, whatever they envision that to be.

With this in mind, these are just a sampling of the types of solutions we have developed for current and past clients:

Financial Reporting 
Budget and Forecasting 
Operations Reporting 
Production Analysis and Reporting
Workforce Planning
Capital Reporting 


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