The following is one of many client success stories that Dakota has heard over the years. Using our partners Dakota Analytics was able to accelerate the closing of a clients’ budget using less effort and overtime. The quotation is from a financial analyst, who represents a major international energy company.

A 77% improvement in compiling their budget numbers was realized. In doing so, our client was able to significantly reduce overtime and gain an additional degree of confidence in their numbers. The Dakota Analytics team spent approximately a week outlining, planning and implementing the project for our client to earn this return.

"It is my opinion that Hyperion Essbase technology allows personnel to work smarter and not harder, i.e., reduce the amount of OT hours incurred."

This client goes on to say, "Essbase has provided with the opportunity to quickly create various scenarios." For instance, with the Planning multi-dimensional database set up and supported by Dakota, "I can create sensitivity analysis (movements of commodity prices and/or foreign exchange rates) without incurring large amounts of setup times. Thus, I can then spend more time analyzing the information."

Financial Analyst
International Energy Company

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